Trouble At H.Q.

STAR DATE: 93 Star filled nights till Christmas

Upon arrival at the front door this morning, to do our daily chores, the misses and I found that someone had removed our galoshes from the closet, where we store them, and replaced them with four rather large pine cones. Figuring it was just a joke we began a careful sweep of the house but we soon realized that the prankster (who ever it might be) had not left any other tell tale signs of our galoshes and they obviously were gone... Being a quick thinker, I devised a plan and we were forced to unwrap 2 new sets of tennis rackets and strap them to our feet with tinsel to use as make shift snow shoes... This done we grabbed our heavy parkas and proceeded outdoors where we found a fresh trail of four foot prints left by our galoshes in the new snow.. Following the tracks we carefully trudged through the treacherous snow around to the back of our house. There we found that the tracks led straight to the front door of Reindeer Head Quarters and that the tracks never came back out.At this point the misses became quite alarmed. (what if something has happened to the reindeer and they are using our galoshes to try and frame us) Doing my best to calm the misses nerves I suggested that we gather up several rather large snowballs (to protect ourselves) and and then head into Reindeer H.Q. to find the culprit.

Shivering....huddled together...we slowly opened the door to Reindeer H.Q.

The early morning light streaming in the windows lit up the scene before us like a disco ball in a glass shop...Some how the floor, walls and spiral steps leading upstairs had been transformed into a sheet of solid ice.. huge icicles hung from the upstairs railings and Elves were using pieces of cardboard as sleds to slide down the spiral staircase while penguins rode on their backs. Down and around they would fly like bobsled launched from a rooftop, only stopping as each one crashed into a huge pile of pine cones placed against the far wall. Oddly, a rather large polar bear was running a camcorder and recording the whole affair. I was just about to demand to know what was going on when, from somewhere above in the upstairs landing, someone hollered. "look out below"
*This is the part I am still trying to believe my self.....*

Then, like something you only see on a extreme sports show, a rather large reindeer, (wearing four yellow galoshes with a dozen red and green Christmas ornaments hanging from his antlers) skated up to the balcony rail, did a skateboard hop, landing with all four galoshes on the rail, he then slid down the balcony rail to the spiral staircase rail. Where he did a half twist, then, down the rail on the spiral staircase he he reached the bottom, (traveling faster than a jet pack) and the end of the rail, he jumped into the air and did a triple back flip, and landing like a ice skater on all four galoshes he slid right up to the pile of pine cones and came to a complete stop. "I did it" he shouted "without dropping a single ornament"
The elves applauded and the polar bear said "its a new record" while the penguins all held up score cards (most of them were a 10).
"Comet" I said "are you quite done with my galoshes?"

Needles to say, the elves defrosted reindeer H.Q. The penguins turned off the water in the upstairs bath and unstopped all the drains. The polar bear left saying he had a video to edit..and Comet?
Well Comet is working in the toy shop making 4 new tennis rackets..(might take him a while to finish them using his antlers and hooves) hopefully that will keep him out of trouble for a while.

Comet is my problem child.

Written by Christopher Goeller

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