Candy Cane Confusion

STAR DATE: 80 Star filled nights till Christmas

This morning started out like any other morning. The misses and I awoke to the merry little sound of our jingle bell alarm clock. We got up, got dressed, fixed our hair and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast where Mrs Claus made me a wonderful breakfast of pancakes(with butter and maple syrup) sausage, scrambled eggs (with onion and cheese), toast, (with strawberry jelly) orange juice and coffee. I had just applied a healthy portion of butter to my pancakes and was about to add the syrup when I noticed a rather annoying whining sound coming from outside. That doesn't sound good I thought to my self but not wanting my delicious breakfast to get cold I began to pour the syrup onto my plate and as I started to put the first bite in my mouth the whining sound got even louder and faster. I put down my fork and was just about to stand up to go outside when the kitchen door flew open and a rather winded elf burst through it. "WHAT IN FROSTBITE IS GOING ON" I shouted at him. By now the racket was so loud he could just barely hear me but he was so winded from running all he could say was "Santa" "Santa" and wave his arm at the door but as I started to go out the door the elf grabbed a hold of my arm and began pulling me away from the door. I was just about to dislodge the elf from my arm when all of a sudden the whining stopped with a loud CLANK... Then I heard a -KER-WA AP- -KER-WHOP- -KER-WHAM- followed by a huge -KER-WANG-. Suddenly the house began to shudder, the dishes began to rattle and the table began to shake and then it sounded like someone was dumping boxes and boxes of marbles on the roof top of the house... The poor elfs eyes got huge and he began to shake and then ......he fainted..

The sound on the roof of the house was now deafening. Throwing open the back door I couldn't believe what my eyes saw next. The candy shop (which is attached to the east side of Reindeer Head Quarters), had a gigantic hole blown in the roof and from that hole huge pieces of twisted peppermint candy canes were blasting into the air and falling like hail all over the North Pole. As the twisted pieces of candy hit the roof top and ground they shattered into smaller red and white pieces of peppermint. The ground all ready looked like a candy dish with inches and inches of twisted candy canes sticking up out of the snow. "I've got to get to the candy shop" I said to Mrs. Claus. So once again I was forced to think quick.... Spotting the reindeer feed bucket I quickly placed it on my head and slipped the handle under my chin and then grabbing my favorite sled to use as a shield I ran from the house towards the candy shop.. Time and time again I was hit with giant twisted pieces of Peppermint candy canes.... It was so bizarre that all I could think is it looks like its raining antlers. Once at the candy shop I forced the door open and what I saw next froze me in my tracks.... Some how, someone had hooked a wood chipper onto the end of the candy cane conveyor belt. As the raw peppermint came down the conveyor it dropped straight into the wood chipper, where the wood chipper ground it into small pieces. Then the wood chipper blew the pieces of candy into the opening of a snow blower (which had a small freezer duct taped to its side) and the snow blower (which was laying on its side, pointing upwards) had black smoke rolling out of it and was blasting twisted pieces of frozen candy canes through the roof of my candy shop.
And there.....At the start of the whole assembly line was Dasher with a blueprint that said "HOW TO MAKE CANDY CANE ANTLERS" (I think he found it on Google). He was barking orders at elves to hurry up and that he needed more peppermint. Luckily for me the poor snow blower, which was still smoking, decided to break right about then and the wood chipper got so full of candy that the safety kicked off. In the dead silence that followed I said "DASHER WHAT IN FROSTBITE ARE YOU DOING"!!!!
Needless to say Dasher will be busy for a while, wrapping all the peppermint candy pieces scattered throughout the North Pole.
So.... if you get a funny looking peppermint candy cane this year you can thank Dasher for it...... Santa...

Personal note... When I was a child I read about how "The Night Before Christmas" was created. Its said that the writers daughter was very, very sick. She told her daddy that all she wanted for Christmas was a story about Santa. Her father searched all over London but could not find a single story about Santa for his sick daughter. So .....
On his way home for Christmas he wrote her a story himself and read it to his fevered child when he arrived home (Christmas eve). This love, of a father, for his child, is the inspiration that drives me to create these stories for you. I hope you will share them with your children and friends (as I am)...... So send all your friends a Christmas card, email, or letter and tell them about these stories. They are free as is my love for you, your children, and Christmas......

Written By Christopher Goeller


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  2. Thank you. There is a link at the top left below my picture where you can find lots of Free resources for Santa Letters.

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