Candy Cane Confusion

STAR DATE: 80 Star filled nights till Christmas

This morning started out like any other morning. The misses and I awoke to the merry little sound of our jingle bell alarm clock. We got up, got dressed, fixed our hair and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast where Mrs Claus made me a wonderful breakfast of pancakes(with butter and maple syrup) sausage, scrambled eggs (with onion and cheese), toast, (with strawberry jelly) orange juice and coffee. I had just applied a healthy portion of butter to my pancakes and was about to add the syrup when I noticed a rather annoying whining sound coming from outside. That doesn't sound good I thought to my self but not wanting my delicious breakfast to get cold I began to pour the syrup onto my plate and as I started to put the first bite in my mouth the whining sound got even louder and faster. I put down my fork and was just about to stand up to go outside when the kitchen door flew open and a rather winded elf burst through it. "WHAT IN FROSTBITE IS GOING ON" I shouted at him. By now the racket was so loud he could just barely hear me but he was so winded from running all he could say was "Santa" "Santa" and wave his arm at the door but as I started to go out the door the elf grabbed a hold of my arm and began pulling me away from the door. I was just about to dislodge the elf from my arm when all of a sudden the whining stopped with a loud CLANK... Then I heard a -KER-WA AP- -KER-WHOP- -KER-WHAM- followed by a huge -KER-WANG-. Suddenly the house began to shudder, the dishes began to rattle and the table began to shake and then it sounded like someone was dumping boxes and boxes of marbles on the roof top of the house... The poor elfs eyes got huge and he began to shake and then ......he fainted..